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Who is Danny?

Optimistic, resilient, and charismatic, Danny is a natural born leader who grew up the oldest of four in a small town in North Carolina.


Despite his small town roots, Danny always knew that he was destined for bigger and better places. By the time his brothers were playing competitive baseball, he was already staging amateur productions of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL at his after school daycare. This passion for acting and singing soon led to his first ever role as Jack in a middle school production of INTO THE WOODS. Now, flash-forward about a decade, Danny has just graduated from Shenandoah Conservatory with a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre!


Ultimately, Danny makes art because of people. His family has always had a significant impact on his life and the values that he holds closest to home. His dad once explained to him how important it is to never give up on what you love. As an adult these words consistently drive him on to not only create art, but art that is both meaningful and innovative, art that inspires others the way his father inspired him.

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